i want to explore the difference between pursuing and attaining something. in particular, mastery.

i don't consider myself as a master in anything, so my analysis about attaining mastery is speculative.

however, i consider myself a master at thinking about pursuing mastery i suppose, but only if hours spent translates to mastery. i guess what i'm more interested in exploring is: can you attain mastery if you pursue it? is "pursuit of mastery" a psychological region that allows you to move to regions toward "mastery"? maybe. but it's probably less enjoyable of a journey. the pursuit of mastery requires a ubiqituous audience or judge (which is a redundant phrase in my opinion since i think that the audience or judge is defined as ubiqitous. i wrote my thoughts about the concept and implications of an audience in a blog post yesterday).

pursuing mastery with an audience means pursuing what the audience considers mastery. consistently pursuing what you consider enjoyable and interesting is a pursuit of what you consider mastery. you still contain the audience, so maybe these both are the same or at least similar. how much of our subconscious is "original" would also determine some boundary between self and audience.