Terrence Real said something that triggered an evolution in my perspective (again):

...the same ADD brain that ruined this shirt is the brain that wrote the book that was being autographed, so why don't you pipe down...

Real shares an anecdote of how he absent-mindedly placed an uncapped pen in the breast pocket of his mult-hundred dollar shirt during a book signing event. Upon realizing the ink blotch, his harsh inner child started to reprimand him when Terry spoke those words.

Identifying with a classification is different from identifying a classification. In the past, I used to identify with my differences from the norm---my eccentricity allows me to be creative and innovative---thus I would find ways to be eccentric. I would want to stand apart, be anti-social, separate myself from the pack. That tends to freeze up my nervous system when I'm socializing in a pre-fight or pre-flight state. Over time I've thawed and hearing those words from Real gave me a new language to communicate this: the same brain of mine that sometimes causes ruin, stress, anxiety, and awkardness is the brain that creates profound music, writes beautiful code, gains valuable insights from data, draws beautifully, sings well, raps well and so on. This causes a slight difference in syntax but an evolutionary difference in semantics---my eccentrity comes from the same place as my creativity and innovation--I don't need find ways to be more eccentric to fuel my creativity, it's already there, ready to be expressed.