I believe we are all connected. Like neurons forming a macro brain spread across this physical reality. Every so often we make a new connection or a new action, crossing a new potential. I think we learn as a society by learning as individuals. One of us connects with another person or with a different version of ourselves, or with a different idea, travelling a path never before made. We may come to that new connection after years of repeating older ones, with different actions, with different people or with ourselves but across the same potential and the same intention. At some point we become aware of that repetition and that, I think, is fate. I believe that we don't choose to change, but rather become aware of our patterns and the contrast from that awareness we perceive as a choice that we chose. It is neither luck nor freewill, but a pattern of human nature. An algorithm meant to expand and evolve through repetition and contrast.

One of us is all of us. One of us can become aware of a new connection, pursue it repetitively and learn. All of us can. To be us, to be human, is to learn. By being infinitely imperfect, we are infinitely educable. To learn is to play the infinite game. All else is finite play.